Flasher relay hook up

Galls W Wag Flasher with Built in Switch A relay is essentially a switch that is operated electriy rather than mechaniy. Headlht warning system for American vehicles 2 flashes per second Alternating flash pattern Built-in switch Solid state flasher One-piece plastic unit mou.

Loud Turn Snal Flasher Turn Snal This is what the inside of an ISO mini relay looks like: A copper coil around an iron core (the electromagnet) is held in a frame or 'yoke' from which an armature is hinged. Turn-alarm description. a turn-alarm is a turn snal flasher that fits into your existing vehicle's turn snal flasher socket that has an added sound transducer.

Pin Flasher, Variable-Load When the coil is supplied with voltage a magnetic field is generated around it which pulls the hinged armature down onto the contact. Grote Industries - Part #44891 - 2 Pin Flasher, Variable-Load Electronic LED -

Galls W Wag <i>Flasher</i> with Built in Switch
Loud Turn Snal <i>Flasher</i> Turn Snal
Pin <em>Flasher</em>, Variable-Load
AUDEW 2-Pin Electronic Turn Snal <strong>Flasher</strong> <strong>Relay</strong>.

Flasher relay hook up:

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